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Dry Needling

Physical Therapists at Grapevine PT are skilled in many treatment approaches. One of these is the practice of Integrative Dry Needling. This technique involves the insertion of a very thin filiform needle into the body’s tissue to alleviate pain and dysfunction via a variety of measures. This technique is very similar to the more familiar, but often mis-understood eastern medicine practice of Acupuncture.

Dry Needling is used to treat dysfunctions in skeletal muscle, fascia and other connective tissue and to stimulate the body’s normal ‘built in’ healing response involving nervous and venous/lymphatic tissue.

Physical Therapists use this technique with a primary goal of releasing or inactivating trigger points in the body to relieve pain, improve range of motion and increase function.

Research and clinical experience has proven that Dry Needling improves pain control, helps to reduce muscle tension and helps normalize dysfunctions caused by abnormal nerve impulses. This in turn can help expedite a person’s recovery process from numerous injury conditions.

The Physical Therapists at Grapevine PT are extremely versed in anatomy, physiology and how to address issues affecting function due to pain. Only after a thorough and comprehensive evaluation will the Physical Therapist determine if Dry Needle therapy is warranted for a client's condition. Dry Needling insertion should not hurt. The needles used are much smaller than those used for injections or immunizations. Depending on the area treated, the depth of targeted structures, underlying nervous or structural tissue and other physiological issues patients often verbalize a reduction in symptoms immediately or within a few hours after treatment. Long lasting or even permanent benefits of Dry Needle insertion can often be seen in as few as 5-6 sessions.

Patients that are considering this treatment or those who have been advised by their Physician or Physical Therapist that Dry Needling will be used should always ask questions. Be sure that your PT is certified in this treatment approach and that they thoroughly explain the procedure to you. Ask to see their license. And above all if you experience an abnormal reaction, please inform them. Patients that play an active role in their healthcare have been shown to benefit much more than those that take a passive approach.

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And for more information about Dry Needling visit: www.apta.org/StateIssues/DryNeedling