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Sports Medicine

Terry Robinson PT, ATC has extensive experience working with athletes of all ages, genders and levels. From the Olympian to the weekend warrior, Terry knows what it takes to get the athlete back on the playing field. Utilizing functional, sport or activity specific, exercise training, clients are able to return to competitive levels sooner and safer under his guidance.

Sports Medicine is a widely used term today in the healthcare field. It is also widely misused to indicate who or what someone treats. The Sports Medicine concept at Grapevine Physical Therapy involves a treatment concept not necessary the treatment itself. It is about how a patient is treated, aggressive and thorough, never mind the age or athletic ability of the patient.  The Sports Medicine concept engages the entire person, including their work day and home activities. It includes the entire patient in their treatment options regardless if it is to get back on the tennis court,the golf course or the Olympic stage. Physical Therapy care at Grapevine PT utilizes this Sports Medicine concept. From the 8 year old skateboarder to the 88 year old shuffle boarder, patient's at Grapevine PT will have full access to not only the latest treatment options but to the total, full body attention, that will ensure a safe and complete return to functional activity.