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Mission Statement
Grapevine Physical Therapy
and Sports Medicine is dedicated to:

  • Providing compassionate, quality, cost effective, one-on-one physical therapy and rehabilitation services to patients in Grapevine and the surrounding areas.
  • Promoting health and wellness through education, prevention of injury and rehabilitation following injury, illness or disease.
  • Serving the community as a leader in the areas of Physical therapy, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine.

Grapevine Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is a Texas Licensed facility through the Executive Council of Physical Therapy.

It is Medicare certified through the Texas Department of Health.

 Grapevine Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Staff

Terry Robinson PT, ATC Owner/Director

Karin Watson: Office/Business Manager

Why Grapevine PT? A Message from the Owner:

Many people have asked me why I wanted to start my own Private Practice therapy clinic. My career in Physical Therapy started in 1989 when I was asked to help start up and develop a clinic in Grapevine. I was fresh out of therapy school and had little experience in PT and even less in running a business.

I helped develop and build the DFW Physical Excellence Center which began seeing patients in March 1989. In two years this clinic grew to three full time physical therapists, four support staff, and four front office staff members. I was the administrator as well as the head physical therapist. DFW-PEC was known locally as the leader in Physical Therapy and we ran it as a family owned clinic with its primary objective to deliver high caliber therapy in a patient friendly environment. Therapy was delivered with attention to detail and "patient first" care.

In the fall of 1995 our clinic was bought out by HealthSouth. It very quickly became evident to me that the purpose of corporate medicine was profit first, not patient care first. I left the Physical Excellence Center and decided to start my own practice. I wanted to once again deliver physical therapy with the care of the patient as the primary focus.

I am the only employee of Grapevine Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. I control all aspects of patient care as well as business duties. All therapy is performed one-on-one with me. No techs or aides. I own Grapevine PT and I have put my heart and soul into its existence.

Over the years, Physical Therapy services in Grapevine and the surrounding areas have changed. Currently there are 6 physical therapy clinics in Grapevine so there are many choices for potential patients. There are numerous "Physician Owned" clinics in the area. These clinics are owned by local physician groups and they profit off of patients that they refer to their clinic. There is no direct therapist ownership in these practices. The American Physical Therapy association frowns on these types of referral for profit practices. Several "chain" clinics are also available in Grapevine. These clinics are not 100% solely owned or managed by its physical therapists either. They are owned and managed by individuals that are not directly tied with patient care.
Grapevine Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine has been in operation since March of 1996. I have prided myself on the fact that I provide honest, patient directed, compassionate care to each and every one of my clients. Patients deserve not only quality care but they deserve to have this care delivered by someone who is there for the patient, someone who has their best interests in mind; hence "patient first".

I promise to each and every one of my patients that I will do whatever it takes for me to assist them in achieving their goals that we have developed as part of their program.

So why should you consider Grapevine Physical Therapy for your rehabilitation needs? If you want one-on-one physical therapy, by the same physical therapist every time in a quiet, comfortable, fun and personal environment then give me a call. If you want a noisy, busy, physician or corporate owned practice whose primary interest is profit, not compassion, then Grapevine PT is not for you. Shop around. It is your body. It is your money. I can not wait to meet you.

~Terry Robinson PT, ATC